MGA Announces Cancellation of Authorisation for Betixx Limited

MGA Announces Cancellation of Authorisation for Betixx Limited

The MGA has decided to cancel the authorisation awarded to Betixx Limited effective as of 14 November 2019 in terms of regulation 10 of the Gaming Compliance and Enforcement Regulations (S.L. 583.06).

The MGA said Betixx Limited has breached its regulations not once, but multiple times with running fixed odds betting services under its B2C gaming license. The MGA said paragraphs B and E of the Third Schedule to the Gaming Act was violated with Paragraph B stating the failure of submission of specific documents deemed by the operator. Paragraph E references the inability to pay, promptly, gaming tax, license fees and other compliance contributions to the gaming authority.

The MGA ordered Betixx Limited to stop all gaming operations including accepting player deposits and accepting new player registrations. Betixx was also ordered to submit the gaming authority a list of all registered players and to give players access to their accounts so they can withdrawal all remaining balances. Betixx has the option to appeal the MGA’s ruling if they decide to according to Article 43 of the Gaming Act.

Betixx Limited is the second operator this week that had their license revoked by the MGA. The first license revocation was due to nonpayment of compliance fees in a timely manner.


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