MGM Connecticut Casino Plans Stalled for Springfield Resort

MGM Connecticut Casino Plans Stalled for Springfield Resort

As Construction Plans are Stalled Will MGM Get Their Connecticut Workers for the Springfield Resort?

Since a third casino in the state of Connecticut has stalled in the State Capital, MGM is contemplating the idea of hiring Connecticut workers for their Springfield resort. There are mixed feelings about this projective idea with Connecticut casino operators concerned over the thousands of jobs that will be lost due to MGM opening their resort in 18 months.

The big boss of MGM, Springfield President Michael Mathis is optimistic about the idea telling News 8 that the company welcomes displaced casino workers from the southeast part of the state. He said,

“We’re very interested in attracting vendors, potential candidates from across the state line so we’re very open to that absolutely. Our company will make a significant commitment if the process is right and the application is something that the state’s interested in.”

Enrique Zuniga of the Massachusetts Gaming Commission added to Mathis’ comments saying there is nothing preventing employing the workers in the Bay State. He added,

“They would be allowed if they wanted to develop anything in Connecticut there’s nothing precluding them, nothing in statute, nothing in the rules.”

MGM joined the Iron Workers Union in conjunction with their celebration of putting the final beams in place for their billion-dollar hotel-casino.


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