MGM Las Vegas Arena Partners with Schneider Electric


MGM Seeking Buyers for Luxury Suite Seating of Its $375 Million Arena As Schneider Electric Signs on to Facilitate as a Founding Partner 

MGM’s Las Vegas Arena Partners with Schneider Electric If you’ve been thinking about securing a luxury suite and premium seating at the new MGM arena it’s going to cost a little money, okay not a little but a lot, $200,000 to be exact. AEG Senior Vice President for Global Partnerships, Faber is looking for companies that are willing to purchase the premiere packages for the $375 million arena MGM Resorts is building on the Las Vegas Strip.

The objective behind building and selling the arena suite replicas is to impress high rollers with hopes of enticing them to sign a deal and purchase one of the suites. Faber commented that the MGM is looking to transform the entertainment experience into a premium one for visitors.

There will be 44 luxury suites total with 42 costing anywhere from $170,000 to $235,000 each year. Two of the suites will be offered on a single event basis not costing nearly as much as the other forty-two. MGM-AEG says this is the perfect opportunity for all the bells and whistles for high-end attendance compared to older sports venues in the city.

The 44 suites will be located across the 8 levels between the lower and upper bowls, or otherwise known as bunkers. Each suite will be 310 square foot that provides 12 tickets to each live event with options to purchase more.

Schneider Electric, has signed a multi-year deal to help develop the venue seating also in the works at the MGM Resorts International and Anschutz Entertainment Group. This new deal qualifies the 170 year year old energy provider as a “founding partner”

Schneider Electric will design and install the electrical infrastructure, which includes the  lighting, security system as well as cooling and heating throughout.

The arena is expected to host more than 100 events each year. Opening date is said to by between April and May of next year.


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