Michigan State Not Losing Hope For Legalize Online Gambling

Michigan State Not Losing Hope For Legalize Online Gambling

Hope Is Still Not Lost For Online Gambling In Michigan

Just when it seems that all hope is gone for legalization of online gambling activities in the state of Michigan, a little hope is restored. Senator Mike Kowall will agree that all hope isn’t lost yet. He isn’t ready to give up after the Senate majority floor leader is still actively involved with the process of introducing an amended version of his online gambling bill.

There are still several unresolved issues that are causing the delays of the bill moving forward. Some of these include-

  • Both the state’s tribal and commercial casinos could be compromised.
  • The authority of the bill is being questioned.
  • Governor of the state hasn’t had time to give his opinion on the bill.

Since June, a draft of the bill amendments has been floating around the Senate, but Kowall has added some additional recommendations before it emerges across the Senate floor. Rep. Brandt Iden is aiming to fix Kowall’s issues with the bill. One of the main entries is how to convince tribal operators without making commercial casino operators not to feel left out.

The online gambling ring in the state has been unconvincing thus far, but with pronouncements on the agenda some movements may be seen real soon.


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