Microgaming – Providing Social Gambling Responsibility

Microgaming – Providing Social Gambling Responsibility

Laws and organizations, that care about casino players are reviewed here. Learn how Microgaming provides responsible gaming, according to UKGC and partner companies, such as: eCOGRA, MeGa, MGA, RGA.

 Microgaming Case – Social Gaming Responsibility of Casino Software Companies

Gambling is a highly entertaining activity, which attracts different people – from famous celebrities to regular engineers. Gambling introduces players to the world of bright lights, luxury resorts, free drinks, and, of course, big money. With the rise of online casinos, this world has become even more accessible for various groups of customers. On the other hand, vulnerable categories like underage players can now start gamble with no issues at all. Generally, this violates the so-called responsible gambling rules.

What is responsible gambling? How does it affect customers, casinos, and software providers? How does the community fight irresponsible gambling? Let’s find out the answers with the world’s leading casino software company – Microgaming.

Social Responsibility of Gambling Providers

Basically, social responsibility or responsible gambling stands for the protection of customers from any possible harm related to gambling activities.

To understand how this responsibility is imposed, let’s take a look at one of the most famous organizations – the United Kingdom Gambling Commission. Microgaming closely cooperates with it. Now, the UKGC is the main authority that licenses and oversees all gambling facilities in the UK and the whole world. According to the organization’s policy, gambling regulation helps:

● Eliminate crimes
● Ensure fairness and transparency
● Protect vulnerable individuals

The UKGC claims that responsible gambling is more sustainable for all parties involved. Gamblers can spend time in casinos without any harmful consequences like addiction or bankruptcy. Gambling operators can retain customers that will come back and play again without closing accounts or self-exclusion.

Authorities like the UKGC license casinos, so they act as guarantors of responsible gambling. The British commission has a set of rules called license conditions and codes of practices (LCCP). They define the obligatory requirements of getting a license, and outline technical standards related to casino software. Obviously, gambling providers like Microgaming have to comply with these rules; otherwise, casinos will avoid listing their games.

As you can see, all participants of the gambling process are interested in supporting the responsible gambling strategy. But how exactly do software providers ensure this…

Microgaming and Responsible Gambling

As a well-known casino software company, Microgaming has to meet responsible gambling requirements. The company’s representatives note that the brand wouldn’t achieve success without the principles of fair and transparent play. Not only can Microgaming standardize its products and services, but it can also choose the casinos or international/local organizations to cooperate with.

Further, we’ll list some basic approaches to responsible gambling divided into two categories.

Options for Players

When it comes to users, they have a few tools to manage their gambling process and experience. While commonplace options like fair machine algorithms or random number generators are integrated by casinos/providers, customers also have some instruments to control their gameplay:

● Statistics. Gambling websites always collect stats, but they are not visible to users sometimes. According to the recent changes in GDPR regulation, customers have a right to access website info related to their personal data. Thus, gamblers can check their gameplay statistics including money spent, money won, bets placed, games played, and so on.
● Limits. They include several types – money limits, time limits, and breaks. For instance, gamblers can control their monthly deposits or their losses per game. Additionally, they can track time spent in the casino to prevent extremely long sessions that might result in losing more money. Breaks are good as they allow you to rest and cool down a little.
● Self-exclusion. The most radical solution, which is fine for addicts. A gambler, who has noticed the signs of addiction, can contact the casino and ask for blocking his/her account. Unlike breaks, self-exclusion means that the account will not be renewed automatically over time.

Using preferences, you can set up specific limits, so the casino will restrict you from gambling once these limits are hit. Usually, the leading software companies like Microgaming work with casinos, which support these tools.

Partner Organizations

In addition to the UKGC, Microgaming and other providers cooperate with international regulatory authorities and local responsible gambling parties. Here are some famous teams, which promote social responsibility and support addicts:

● GambleAware
● Gamblers Anonymous
● Gambling Therapy
● GamCare
● Responsible Gambling Trust

Some online centers like North American Foundation for Gambling Addiction Help check casinos for compliance with responsible gambling standards, and only then recommend them to the users. So, make sure to look through the NAFGAH’s list of responsible Microgaming casinos before trying any products/services.


Founded in 2003, eCOGRA is the most respected gambling authority, which certifies games, machines, and technologies. The eCOGRA licenses are the brightest mark of fair gambling, so casinos are happy to highlight them on their websites. The organization also fights gambling crimes, supports and informs customers about gambling risks, ensures the overall industry security.


MeGA supports online gambling in the Isle of Man, holds educational events, and cooperates with global organizations and regulators to deliver the highest gambling standards.


MGA is a regulatory body based on Malta. It issues casino licenses in the region, and regulates international and foreign gambling platforms as well. The authority verifies casino software, works on legislation for the gambling industry, promotes social responsibility, and improves the overall transparency.


Totally focused on iGaming, RGA is the largest London-based association, which consists of software providers and casino operators. It oversees and protects fair cooperation between companies involved in the online gambling industry, and shares important info with gamblers.

Control is the Key

Now, it should be obvious that social gaming responsibility is extremely important for all participants of the gambling market. Players can be sure that they use fair casinos and are protected with limits or self-exclusion options, while operators understand that they are doing their best to ensure their customers’ safety.
Make sure to gamble at trusted websites and always enjoy the process. Play safe!


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