Mobile App Development with Qt Launches in Asia

Mobile App Development with Qt Launches in Asia

QT Play First Cross Provider Mobile App Launched in Asia

One of Asia’s fastest growing games distributor, QTech launched the markets first ever mobile app. QT Play is the name of the app that is tailor-made for the online gaming industry. QT Play is powered by advanced technologies that allows players to choose from any supported provider and game for their convenience. The QT Play app boasts tons of special features that will compliment each individual player. One example is aligning personal favorite games to enhance the overall gaming experience.

QTech’s CEO Jonas Alm released the following statement regarding the launch, “Mobile growth in Asian gaming is outstripping even our wildest expectations, so it’s sometimes easy for both players and operators to feel overwhelmed by the scale of choice and competition among countless game releases. QT Play is the weapon operators need in their armoury for players to quickly access and refine the games they love, simultaneously benefitting from the like-minded suggestions made by its intuitive code. Spotify revolutionised the music industry in this domain, and we have similar hopes for QT Play. Its automated-curation solution ensures that players always find their favourite games, without ever missing out on an appropriate new release.”

Jonas Alm also said that launching this app is a big game changer for the Asian market and will grow the iGaming industry to where it needs to be.


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