More Growth For Probability From B2B Mobile Gambling Deals

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Earlier on in this year; Probability (Probability has over 5 years experience specialising in mobile gaming, with around 1m UK customers and over half a billion transactions) was under scrutiny, after having been approached by William Hill, with a view to a possible takeover/merger. While these talks fell through – we are not sure why – the interest shown by this major UK gambling operator in tiny little Probability mobile, bought it a good deal of attention. Probability has reported an increase in net gaming revenues of 41%. This sends revenues for the financial period ending 30thSeptember (6 months) up to £3.27million.

Probability Chairman – Graham Parr – believes that its position as a serious player in the mobile development/operations industry, was cemented by the William Hill vote of confidence. It demonstrated the importance that big companies, and the industry as a whole, see with regard the future of mobile gaming. The smart money is on mobile, and the businesses with the smarts are seeing clearly where the future is leading – straight to the smart phone and tablet.

By the end of this financial period for Probability – 50% of all revenue was attributed to the rapid growth of Android and iPhone smart-phone use. In comparison to the start of this financial period; numbers were 37%, so, a 13% growth has been seen.  Research by the company has found that in the majority players are attracted to their low-stakes, direct-to-mobile offering, and that these are not users of PC-based online gambling services. This proves that a new fan-based is being established in a completely different marketplace. Smartphone users are simply looking for a new type of entertainment.

As the adoption of smart-phone use continues to grow unchecked, this makes for extremely fertile ground for an exciting money-making opportunity. Probability sees B2B deals as a being sure-fire way to experience growth of long-term strategic value. The first Probability B2B is with Clientele in Mexico. Understandably this makes them even more excited about the possibilities which may be made available to them in South America generally.

Note: Probability customers play slots, Bingo! and Casino games on over 8,000 types of mobile phone from mid-1990′s Nokias to the latest iPhone and iPad devices. From our operations center in Gibraltar we provide expert customer support and we run a responsible, safe and long term sustainable business at the forefront of mobile gaming and entertainment.


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