Mr Green Adds New Elements to its Innovative Green Gaming Tool

Mr Green Adds New Elements to its Innovative Green Gaming Tool

Mr Green has added some new elements to its already innovative and ingenious Green Gaming Tool.

Mr Green wanted to add something that would balance gaming behavior on a more supported level. To implement the addition the operator added “individual real-time push notifications” and “behavior interventions”, both will ensure a safe and healthy gaming environment for players.

Mr Green designed the Green Gaming Tool to help assess gambling behaviors while determining betting habits and the effect on whether or not the habits were healthy and making individual players at risk. Information gathered from the tool is the same as a self-assessment displaying real-live game play data for individual players. The tool also recommends actions based on gaming activity to help ensure a safe gaming environment.

Patrick Jonker, CEO of the Mr Green brand commented on the added elements to the tool saying,

“Our goal is a long – term relationship with our customers. After two years with the Green Gaming predictive tool, we see that our satisfaction index constantly increases at the same time as smarter and individual responsible gaming measures have been introduced. Customer satisfaction drives loyalty which is the best currency to measure our success.”

How the tool works in 5 easy steps:

1. Log in to your Mr Green account and select the Mr Green silhouette to open the main menu
2. Select the ‘Green Gaming’ tab
3. Accept Mr Green’s privacy policy concerning the use of your personal information
4. Complete the personal self-assessment test
5. View your individual data and personalized risk-profile provided by the Green Gaming Tool along with recommendations on healthier and responsible gameplay.


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