Nektan PLC and ReelFeel Gaming Seals New Partnership

Nektan PLC and ReelFeel Gaming Seals New Partnership

Nektan plc and ReelFeel Gaming sealed its partnership this week. Nektan is teaming up with ReelFeel Gaming to expand its in-house games offering.

ReelFeel will be in charge of creating and designing 10 of Nektan’s latest HTML5 games. The new games will be rolled out across the Evolve and E-Lite platforms before the year end.

ReelFeel will also be responsible for the handling of all the new release’ front-end functionality including game features, graphics and game assets. Nektan will be responsible for its own game’s engine management. Nektan is taking full advantage of ReelFeel’s proven track record for creating lively gaming experiences in the industry along with Nektan’s commercial operator network and white-label casinos.

Nektan’s Chief Operating Officer said the company is excited and delighted to partner with ReelFeel Gaming. Nektan also commented, “The company has a great reputation for creating contextually relevant game concepts and content, which will enable us to deliver even more engaging games to our growing list of partners.”

ReelFeel Gaming added to Nektan’s comments saying, “At ReelFeel Gaming, we pride ourselves on working with the industry’s most dynamic businesses. Partnering with Nektan allows us to do exactly that, and we’re excited to be delivering quality new games products to help expand Nektan’s flourishing content portfolio.”


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