Nevada Prioritizes Casino Employees for the COVID Vaccine

Nevada Prioritizes Casino Employees for the COVID Vaccine

The pandemic has changed the perception of safety and if in the previous life, guards would define this word, now it is all about vaccination and the immunity against the COVID-19 virus. While the majority of the businesses had to close or stop operation for an uncertain period of time, there are some industries that are on the way to recovery.

The gambling industry, which covers over 25% of Nevada’s economy is slowly getting back on the road. Thanks to the governor of Nevada, Steve Sisolak, the gambling industry of the state might get back to work sooner than it was previously expected. Sisolak understands the importance of the industry in the local economy. This has been proven several times via his actions and measures are taken in order to maintain at least somewhat stability of the industry.

Last week he made an announcement, where he states that the employees of the gambling sector of Nevada state, will be prioritized when it comes to the vaccination. They will be put in the “Tier 1 lane”. The resort employees occupy over 25% of the local population and are able to generate a significant amount of revenue.

The priorities set straight

The vaccination period has started all over the US, and the state of Nevada is not an exception. According to Sisolak, the employees of the casino will be put in the same priority as the other essential workers such as government employees and teachers. The lane also includes food-service and airport workers. The addition of the casino employees to the Tier 1 lane, made the group pretty big.

prioritizing casino employees over other industries kinda gives hope to the local authorities in Nevada’s struggling economy. It might also be the key to faster recovery. Most of the officials agree on these terms. The president of the Nevada Resort Association, Virginia Valentine also made a statement regarding the recent announcement by Sisolak. She said that the vaccination of the stuff should increase customer confidence and potentially increase the visitor volume. Health officials from the Department of Health and Human Services also claimed that vaccinated staff is essential to the state health and rapid recovery.

By making an announcement governor Sisolak outlined a pretty vivid vaccination strategy. If the guests land at the airport, where all of the employees are vaccinated, and thus safe, then show up at the report and dine, stay, and play in the safe area with again vaccinated staff, the general fear of COVID is lessened. This should bring the state significant advantage over other destinations, increasing the potential visitor rate to the casino resorts, which are essential for local economic recovery.

The more quickly the vaccination of the local employees happens, the faster shall the transition rates decrease. The local officials believe that this way, they can influence visitors’ choice of the travel destination against other communities where the rates of the vaccination of the employees are significantly less confident.

Employee vaccination process

In order to get the vaccine, employees do not have to bother a lot or go through any complex processes. It is enough to register online. Because of the large number of people, some of the employees might need to try several times, in order to book the spot, though in the end, everyone shall get the vaccine.

So far, Nevada is making the most effective and optimal steps to stabilize the state economy. The rapid move has been caused by the rapid rush of the visitors during New Year’s Eve and the majority of them not following the health protocols, not wearing masks, and following social distancing. Though Nevada’s government was pretty swift with the contra-action and now, we only have to wait.

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