Nevada Sportsbook Revenues Come in Behind New Jersey

Nevada Sportsbook Revenues Come in Behind New Jersey

Sportsbook revenues in the state of Nevada fall short of what New Jersey earned for the month of August.

The state of Nevada reported a 22.1% increase to $287.8 million for the month, but it wasn’t enough to beat the garden state. Overall casino revenues slipped just a bit earning $952.4 million for the month. The $952.4 million is the lowest reported revenue earnings since April but is a 4.3% increase for year-on-year calculations.

Sports betting fell a little behind New Jersey’s earnings by $293.6 million. Revenue totals amounted to $18.7 million for the month while New Jersey earned $25.2 million. When you compare year-on-year amounts, it was a 62.4% jump and a 20.9% monthly increase. The month-on-month increase is thanks to the NFL season returning. The state reported there were $72.3 million in wagers made just on NFL bets.

The state earned more on the NFL than what they took in for baseball. Baseball generated just $6.7 million in revenues while they earned $12.7 million for the month with NFL activity. The state calculated a 17.5% win with American football wagers, that’s only due to most payouts yet to pay out.


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