New Bill May Introduce 2nd Casino in South Philly


Pennsylvania Lawmakers Throw Around the Idea of a Second Casino with New Bill Introduced by State Rep. Scott Petri

Pennsylvania lawmakers are still trying to finalize its decision to authorize online gambling in the state at establishments that already offer some form of gaming machines. With this measure, still in its pending state, another measure has been introduced to allow a second casino to in Philadelphia.

The approval of the second casino has been an ongoing legal battle since last month. The Supreme Court stated that state regulators need to keep reviewing the legality of ownership for the proposed Live! Hotel and Casino south of the city. If, approved Live! will be the state’s 13th casino and second for the city. The proposed $450 million casino is expected to bring in more than $300 million annually in revenues, and would add close to 10% to the gaming market in the state.

Pennsylvania state laws restricts ownership status with multiple casinos in the state. The Gaming Control Board was ordered by the Supreme Court to figure out if the owner of the Parx Casino, Watche “Bob” Manoukian owns more than what is allowable. The Supreme Court has good reason to order the GCB to check the status. Allegations or speculations are that Manoukian is trying to cover up that he has real ownership stake, and not just a percentage.


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