New Hampshire’s H562 Bill For Online Gambling Legalization


New Hampshire Could be the Next US State to Legalize Online Gambling Activities

Back in January of this year the state of New Hampshire introduced a proposed online gambling bill that could possibly legalize online gambling activities in the state. When the bill was first introduced it was quickly shot down by legislature with refusals in place to push the bill pass the first stage of the cabinet.

Things have changed a bit with there being a little bit of hope for the US state. Just last week a hearing the proposal was scheduled to be heard the first week of September, the 6th to be exact. Next Wednesday H562 will be heard with the possibility of moving forward to legalization.

H562 is what they call a placeholder bill. This isn’t your regular or traditional bill it simply means that there is a lot of room, in general, for discussions on legislation and regulations. The text is short and consists of the following;

“This bill exempts gambling done over the Internet from gambling offenses under RSA 647. The Department of Justice to date has neither investigated nor prosecuted online gaming offenses and therefore does not expect this bill to have any impact on expenditures.

To the extent this bill legalizes a form of gambling, it may have an indeterminable impact on lottery and charitable gaming revenue. Lottery and charitable gaming revenue is credited to the lottery fund, with net revenues after Lottery Commission expenditures being credited to the state education trust fund.”


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