New Jackpot Race Slot Launched Across the Habanero Platform

New Jackpot Race Slot Launched Across the Habanero Platform

Habanero Gaming Launches New Patent Pending Jackpot System, Jackpot Race Slot Featuring New Shared Winners Pool

Habanero announced the launch of its brand-new Jackpot Race product. The new jackpot system game is a patent pending innovation designed and created by Habanero that is shared amongst a pool of winners when the jackpot is won.

The new gaming product is competitive by design, hence the name, with several players winning simultaneously. Once the jackpot is hit the prize pool will be split amongst the players. The game offers tons of features including a configurated time with the accumulation of the jackpot value once the jackpot race starts.

Once the race begins one of the players must trigger the jackpot before the time is up. All players who are actively playing at the time of the trigger will win a share of the payout. Payouts of the game are based on a configurable prize pool and how much is contributed to the jackpot.

Operators will be happy to know that the game is fully customizable with the operator having the option of choosing which slots to implement the jackpot race in, how long each race should last, minimum bet to qualify players for the trigger and the prize pool distribution.


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