New York State Bill Adds Bad Actor Clause

New York State Bill Adds Bad Actor Clause

New York State Senate Bill S3898 Approved by Senate Finance Committee with Bad Actor Amendment Clause

Senate Bill S3898, John Bonacic’s bill was recently approved by the New York Senate Finance Committee but has been amended to include a bad actor clause. The bill must go through a final reading before it hits the full Senate. When this happens, it will make the third reading since it was introduced.

A spokesperson for Bonacic commented, “Senator Bonacic amended the online poker bill to provide the Gaming Commission with the opportunity to take into consideration an applicant’s prior bad acts in relation to determining suitability for a license. He is committed to moving the bill forward and looking forward to working with his colleagues in the Senate and Assembly to do so.”

Representation of Bill S3898 will be legalized and classify certain types of poker as skill games. This is a regulatory regime under the New York State Gaming Commission regulators. It will also levy a 15% tax on all gross revenues earned from all poker types.

The amendments allow for the introduction of certain criteria to make online poker licenses suitable for mainly focusing on the applicants with what their accepted or offered wagers will be and offered services in the country after 2006 without having to have authorization before the strict regulations were first introduced and put into effect.


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