NJDGE Announces Super Bowl Wagering Information

NJDGE Announces Super Bowl Wagering Information

NJDGE announced preliminary wagering data related to the 2019 Super Bowl. This is the first year that betting has been authorized on the Super Bowl since sports wagering was legalized in New Jersey in 2018.

This year’s Super Bowl was a big disappointment, not only for the teams, but for the entertainment value. Daily Fantasy Sport operators couldn’t agree more with their final tallies in for wagers on the big game. FanDuel Inc reported a massive loss on Super Bowl wagers amounting to $5 million. The Super Bowl was the first real big test for sports betting in the state of New Jersey. Needless to say, the big game was more beneficial for customers than it was for sports betting operators.

FanDuel reported that more than 75% of wagers taken in was for the New England Patriots to win. FanDuel hosted an introductory bonus for bettors to take advantage of, and that they did. One of the bonuses was a 53-1 odds on either team. If you won, you received credit and not a cash prize.

FanDuel said with the bonus offers and the Super Bowl being one of the lowest scoring games in the last 10 years, “All this combined to leave New England as the big loser for the FanDuel Sportsbook.”. FanDuel said the game had a bigger impact on the company than they anticipated.


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