No More Poker Stars for Players in Washington State

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Poker players all over the State of Washington have been left out in the cold from enjoying their favorite pastime at their favorite poker site, PokerStars because of the Supreme Courts standing verdict, which prohibits online gambling in its State. This is the first time that  PokerStars has made a move out of the US since the UIGEA ban has been effect which began back in 2006. Spokespersons from PokerStars have maintained that they are operating within the US laws and its activities in the US were legal since no state or federal law named them specifically or banned their brand of gambling.

In 2006, Washington State legislature passed a law that made online gambling illegal in its state and is punishable as a Class C felony which essentially labels online gambling in the same offense as child molestation and carries a penalty of up to a year in jail. This law also includes advertisers of online gaming, which covers websites that promote.

The email that was sent out to Poker star players in Washington state said, “PokerStars has operated in Washington State with the legal opinions that the state could not constitutionally regulate online poker or could  not discriminate in favor of local card rooms. However, the Washington Supreme Court rejected that position for the first time and has upheld the state’s internet gaming prohibition.” We have operated in all jurisdictions with full commitment to making responsible decisions according to the most up to date legal advice and in this new light of events in Washington State, we felt the right course of action is to block all real money players from residents in Washington from

Poker News Daily reported that this decision by Poker stars has message board’s members actively discussing these weeks’ events and are wondering if the second biggest poker site, Full Tilt Poker may follow suit.

By Patricia C. Senior Editor


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