One Day After Losing Appeal, Piggs Peak Announces Closure


piggs peak online casinoIn a matter of hours, the highly popular Piggs Peak group of gambling venues has gone from fighting to stay legal in South Africa to announcing the closure of all of its online gaming sites. It seems that the fight to stay viable in South Africa was more important than anyone thought. We have found out that almost 90% of all Piggs Peak’s customers were from SA and to have to close their doors to all those players has given the online gaming group no other viable option but to close shop. This is a surprise to many including the Piggs Peak employees who were notified by email that they were going to be out of jobs. Piggs Peak officials forced exit packages on its employees, which they feel is grossly unfair, and these employees have contacted the Labour Commission seeking intervention.

Originally, Piggs Peak’s officials had told casino workers that they would stay open until the end of November, but that was before this latest appeal failure. Now employees of the company have been barred from making any type of statement to the press in any way, shape or form. The Managing Director, Howard Berchowitz said yesterday that the decision to stop all managers and directors from speaking openly to the press was influenced by the seriousness of the situation. The Managing Director wants all statements coming out of Piggs Peak to be the genuine view of the entire company, not individuals.

By Patricia C. Senior Editor


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