Online Gambling Advertising to Be Stopped According to Svenska Spel

Online Gambling Advertising to Be Stopped According to Svenska Spel

Svenska Spel, Sweden’s former gambling monopoly has put a stop to online gambling advertising for the rest of this year.

The reasoning behind the stop is due to the possibility of a significant increase in problem gambling in the jurisdiction. The decision was reached last week after discussions were brought to the table on how customers will be protected to the fullest.

The discontinuing of advertisements will apply to all gambling channels. Svenska Spel’s Chief Executive, Patrik Hofbauer is calling on all operators to follow suit and stop the advertisements of their business and services to protect consumers.

Hofbauer said the operator is taking the plunge by stopping its advertising. He added, “Svenska Spel has always pushed the line that all the games in the licensed market risk should be classified based on risk levels, and that stricter rules should apply for the more risky games, both in terms of design and marketing.”

Any form of gambling comes with risks, especially with online casino activities, but Spel isn’t taking any chances and is looking out for what’s best for its customers. Hofbauer concluded with if anyone is serious about taking responsibility then the problems should be addressed “where the problems exist”.


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