Online Poker in Australia May See Restrictions Lifted


New Deal Could See Online Poker in Australia Restrictions Lifted

Australia has seen its ups and downs with its online poker and casino market. As of right now online poker has restrictions whereas players are not allowed to play with the current regulations and laws. It was reported earlier this week by local media outlets that the Australian government may possibly lift the online poker restrictions soon.

It was reported that Liberal Democrat Senator David Leyonhjelm has proposed a review saying it would be a “liberty offset” for reforms. The deal isn’t a part of the current amendments to the media reform laws, but could soon be if all parties agree and accept the review.

Mitch Fifield, Communications Minister told his department take on the challenge of some preliminary work for the “examining of the feasibility of Australian onshore providers who will be obtaining licenses to operate online poker.”

Partyroom approval would be needed for any reforms to be approved and finalized, but Senator Leyonhjelm agreed and said he understands that Alan Tudge, Human Services Minister has an open mind to allow for some kind of changes.

He said that, “I believe we have won the ‘in-principle’ battle. The question now will be how to make it happen in practice.”


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