Operators Reminded to Make Certain Casino Games are Transparent

Operators Reminded to Make Certain Casino Games are Transparent

The Gambling Commission Warns Operators to Make Sure their Products Meet Transparency Standards

The Gambling Commission warns operators to make sure their products meet transparency and other safety standards for online gambling. The motion comes after the Commission discovered operators were offering games that offered buy-in options for bonus features. This option is a big no, no for the simple fact that it allows players to pay extra money to instantly access a games bonus feature without playing the game normally to trigger the feature on its own.

The Commission found six different operators offering the buy-in feature with one of those operators charging more than 3,000 to buy the feature to trigger the bonus round. The Commission also noted that with online gambling and software technical standards all operators are required to provide an explanation of the rule stops as well as provide encouragement to its players to not chase losses. The Commission contacted all six operators warning them of the feature. The Commission said the buy-in feature has been removed from all sites.

Licensees were also directed to not encourage their players to increase their stakes and chase their losses. This will only result in gambling harm and problem gambling.


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