Operators Unaccustomed to the Swedish Gaming Authority’s Efforts

Swedish Gaming Authority Issues Warning to Payment Service Providers

Spelinspektionen enforcement efforts in the country’s igaming market has concluded that many licensees are simply “unaccustomed” to its regulatory approach.

The Swedish Gaming Authority reported that its enforcement efforts for the county’s iGaming industry says Swedish operators have become “unaccustomed” to the regulatory approach in the country. Spelinspektionen has received criticism for punishing operators who are license holders and are not be used for markets that are enforced. The Swedish approach may be a little confusing for operators especially with the language barrier. Operators have argued that regulations in the country are unclear that results in the regulator accusing operators of being non-compliant.

Spelinspektionen has initiated 41 different actions on operators since the new-regulated market opened January 1. Out of the 41 cases, 28 have been completed and 13 are still open. Warnings and fines were issued on 19 of the cases with 18 of the operators appealing the decision.

Spelinspektionen said if an operator violates its regulations, they may be considered to not being suitable of being a license holder in the country. The regulatory also stated that with many of the investigated cases, operators express uncertainty of the new regulations with this resulting in violating the said regulations. The clarity of the interpretation of the regulations in the country were dismissed by the regulator with them saying they take similar approaches as other authorities in regulated markets.


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