Oulala CEO Reveals Prospects for Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) in Russia

Oulala CEO Reveals Prospects for Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) in Russia

Valery Bollier of Oulala Games Presents at the Betting Trends Forum in Moscow on the Future of DFS

Earlier this month Oulala’s CEO of one of the leading Daily Fantasy Football B2B, Valery Bollier spoke on ‘Russia: A Stimulating Perspective’ to Betting Trends Forum. The presentation was met with great success as well as an astounding world of possibilities were made open to stakeholders with the sector.

The local operators are very optimistic about the new bill that is said will present new trends as well as new products. The new bill will effect gambling/gaming advertising in the Russian Market, as well as predictions, suggest the impact will be huge in the sports betting sector.

When asked about the legalities of sports betting in Russia, Oulala’s CEO consulted Mariya Lepshikova, a lawyer in Russian that offers her expertise in the iGaming Sector.

Lepshikova stated,

“DFS is not considered as sports betting so we do not need a license to run a DFS game. Nonetheless, local DFS operators will need to adapt the structure of their DFS game so they become what is considered by the civil code of the Russian Federation as a ”public competition.”

The trip to Russia for the presentation was not only a success for Oulala’s CEO but the way the message was received shows that the iGaming market in Russia is more than willing to accept the reality of the future of DFS.

For additional information on the perspective presented by Oulala’s CEO, interested parties are asked to contact Bollier at Oulala.


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