Over $100 Million Returned to US Players From Pokerstars

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If the U.S. Federal Government needed any proof of how lucrative the online gambling industry is in the United States, watching over $100 Million being returned to depositing players should do the job! Payments are flowing and there’s more to be returned to the US players that have been locked out of their accounts at Pokestars.com since April 15th, now known as Black Friday in the online poker community. In a statement released on Friday afternoon Pokerstars said that it has returned money to players and will continue to service requests from players per agreement with the US Department of Justice which was reached on April 20th. It is not known how much more is owed to US players or if the payouts are now complete.

This $100 million paid does not include the money owed by Full Tilt Poker or Absolute Poker which both have their own agreements with the DOJ for player refunds. Absolute Poker just reached an agreement yesterday on a repayment arrangement but will not start paying back any refunds until lawyers approve the move. Full Tilt has been refunding players cash but a total has not been announced as of yet.

The US federal government has been rejecting the idea of legalizing online gambling in the US but with this amount of money being returned to players as money deposited, not even money gambled and only covering a short period of time, the DOJ must be taking notice to the extreme amounts of cash they are letting flow out of the country by not legalizing online gambling. In these economic times being this irresponsible to the citizens of the country and refusing to legalize something that every adult has the right to enjoy is just plain ignorant. Hopefully seeing the proof of the amount of cash that is being generated just by these three online poker sites will open their eyes to the road of economic recovery through online gambling and regulation.

By Patricia C. Senior Editor casinoplayersreport.com


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