Paysafe Group Announces the Launch of a US Mobile Pay Option

Paysafe Group Announces the Launch of a US Mobile Pay Option

The Paysafe Group, global payments provider, announced the launch of Mobile Pay in the US. The new payment app is a cutting-edge mobile point of sale that was developed with a leading omnichannel payments solutions company, Apriva.

Mobile Pay will offer an approach to mobile payments like never seen before with its highly flexible approach.

Paysafe decided to create a payment system after a strong interest was shown from businesses that has integrated the mobile payment app. A recent study showed that 30% of American car SMBs were planning on adding a mobile app by the end of next year.

Mobile Pay will not only be beneficial to small and medium businesses, but the gambling industry too. The new app will offer merchants’ and their customers the security of knowing compliance will always be a convenience.

With smartphones and tablets being used for payment processing in the gambling industry as well as other business sectors, Paysafe’s President for the North America division said the company is excited to unveil a mPOS solution that signifies their forward progress in mobile payments and it wouldn’t be possible without the partnership of two of the best technology companies in the industry.


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