Pennsylvania Fantasy Contest Revenues Soars for the Month of July

Pennsylvania Fantasy Contest Revenues Soars for the Month of July

The Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board posted Fantasy Contest revenues for the month of July expressing a huge increase in earnings for the state.

The PGCB said revenues earned were $1,244,168, a 42% increase for the month, when compared to July 2018 earnings. Last year in July the state earned $878,185.

Not only did operators generate a substantial amount of revenues, but the state collected a substantial amount of tax revenue too. The total tax revenue collected for July was $186,625.
The PGCB also reported Fantasy Contest Adjusted Revenue for each of the licensed operators detailed information pertaining to this years’ revenues, last years’ and the year-on-year change.

The breadwinner for the state was DraftKings earning $681,932. DraftKings earned $437,108 last year which is a 56.01% increase for year-on-year. FanDuel came in second earning a 27.22% increase compared to 2018. The DFS operator earned $543,810 in revenues last month compared to the $427,451 they earned in 2018. DRAFT, one of the newbie DFS operators had a decent month as well earning $11,372, a 29.81% increase compared to last year when they generated $8,760 for the month.

Fantasy Contest is becoming one of the more popular gambling activities in many states. Alongside slot play, DFS is ranking up there with classic casino play.


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