Pennsylvania Lawmakers Allow Budget to Become Law

Pennsylvania Lawmakers Allow Budget to Become Law

The Fate of Pennsylvania’s Online Gambling Bill More Uncertain Now Than Ever, $31 Billion Spending Bill Becomes Law

Online gambling in Pennsylvania is still in the midst of uncertainty with the fate of the online gambling bill still undecided. Sunday, Governor Tom Wolf announced that he was going to let the $31 billion spending bill become law without his signature. The bill was passed by legislature back on June 30.

Governor Wolf made the announcement about 30 hours before the midnight deadline on Monday. Although, Legislature hasn’t come up with a funding package that is acceptable, Wolf strongly believes that the majority leaders, Republicans, will make their promises good by putting together a $1.3 million revenue package to help support the spending bill.

Governor Wolf said that some of the ideas suggested by Republicans about moving funds around are not temporary fixes and that the ideas “will not move Pennsylvania forward, nor will it pay for this budget.”

The $1.3 million revenue package includes a $1 per pack cigarette tax increase, and will rely mainly on the casino gambling expansions. Pennsylvania is so close yet so far. If passed and approved, it will be the fourth state to offer online gambling. The bill is sitting on the Senates desk.


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