Pennsylvania Pushes for Legalizing Gambling Expansion

Pennsylvania Pushes for Legalizing Gambling Expansion

Pennsylvania Won’t See Consideration for Legalized Online Gambling Expansion Until June  2016

It looks like June is when consideration will be given by the House to legalize online gambling in Pennsylvania. According to news reports, the bill was considered last year. Rep. John Payne, the bill’s creator, didn’t make do last year with it being pushed through legislation, so now it has to be discussed once again.

When it was discussed last year it was put on ‘hold’ until sometime this spring. Legislation wants all 12 of the state’s existing land-based casinos to be licensed for online operators. With New Jersey setting new records for the month of April amounting to $17 million for just one month, there is plenty of opportunity for Pennsylvania to do the same, once it becomes approved and legalized.

Pennsylvania launched its land-based casino industry 10 years ago, back in 2006 with a win worth more than $31 million. Revenue records for table games was set in March with the state winning just $5.2 million from poker alone.

State gambling regulators said that just in 2015 the Keystone State was up by $3.17 billion. This amount was an all-time high with the state. If online gambling is regulated it is projected that this amount will peak at about 10% with online sales.

Supporter of the gambling expansion includes, Rep. Nick Kotik, D-Allegheny, the ranking Democrat on the House Gaming Oversight Committee, who stated to a panel of three Penn National executives:

“I would like to engage the casino industry in a conversation about enacting a comprehensive bill so if and when the time comes that this is overturned by the Supreme Court that we’re ready and can move forward.”


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