Pennsylvania Seeks to Pass Online Gambling Legalization

Pennsylvania Slot Revenues Nearly Reach One Billion Dollars

Should the United States ever loosen the reigns on online gambling, the entire industry would get a tremendous boost.

For gamblers throughout the world, the result of such action would probably be more top-notch online casinos and a wider range of bonus promotions designed to pull US gamblers into the fold. The level of competition for the US gambling dollar would be fierce.
If was is taking place in Pennsylvania is any indication of things to come, more states may be moving in the right direction. As of today, online casino gambling is only available in New Jersey, Nevada and Delaware. It’s also important to note that a much bigger fight will be on tap when it comes to trying to pass legislation that would legalize online sports betting.

Behind the efforts of State Senator Minority Leader Jay Costa, the Pennsylvania Senate is prepared to take another run at passing a meaningful bill that would make it legal for Pennsylvania residents to bet on casino games and fantasy sports over the Internet. In the coming weeks, Costa and his supporters are expected to present a bill to both the House of Representatives and the Senate that might stand a decent chance of garnering enough votes for passage.

According to Pennsylvania State Sen. Mario Scavello, head of the Community, Economic and Recreational Development Committee, “It looks like online gaming has the support to pass,” later adding, “Sometime in March, we’ll have something done and passed in the House and Senate.”

The renewed optimism among Republicans comes after a change in leadership because of the elections that took place in November of last year. Prior bills had already been passed in 2016 in the House, only to be greeted with inaction by a Democrat led Senate. The latest attempt to get something done took place in November of last. The bill passed the House and narrowly missed passage in the Senate.

While details of a new bill have not yet been disclosed, Senator Costa has indicated some details will closely follow that which was presented in November. That billed called for current Pennsylvania brick and mortar Casinos to pay a licensing fee of USD $10.0 million for the right to offer online casino games. The iGaming software developers that provide the websites and software platforms would be subject to a USD $5.0 million licensing fee. In the case of the casinos, they would be subject to an annual tax on revenues of 25%. Of course, the casinos are apparently lining up to battle for a tax rate between 15% and 20%.

As far as the fantasy sports industry is concerned, providers would be charged a licensing fee of USD $5.0 and be subject to the same tax rate. If both online casino and fantasy sport gambling are included in the same bill, there’s a distinct possibility members of the Senate would move to have them separated into different bills for easier passage.

In the past, Pennsylvania has been reluctant to approve any form of online gambling. However, changing attitudes throughout the country indicate state governments have come to the realization that taxable dollars are being lost to illegal online gambling destinations because of the inability to control what US citizens do on the Internet.

With these changing attitudes, online sites could soon be filled with football accumulator tips and football accumulator predictions directed at American sports gamblers. The fight for online sports gambling would require more cooperation from the major sports leagues and the federal government, but the day may be soon approaching. For more information on football accumulator tips and football accumulator predictions, bettors can refer to their favorite online bookmakers.

Author: John Hawthorne


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