Pennsylvania Slot Revenue for December 2016

Pennsylvania Slot Revenue for December 2016

2016 Slot Revenue Generated in Pennsylvania is Not So Great

Although the final numbers for all casino gaming in Pennsylvania hasn’t been released yet, and probably won’t be available until later this month, we have slot revenues for the year. The Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board released its report on 2016 slot revenues and they were just a tad bit improvement for the calendar year. The PGCB released that it was a quarter of 1pc difference, that’s it!

Total revenues, according to reports show $2,360,184,122 for the total year. This is the sixth consecutive year that revenues hit the $2 billion mark, but this amount is 0.23$ less than what slot revenues were for 2015. Gross revenues amounted to $2,365,651,659.

The highest slot revenue year for the state was back in 2012 when slot generations amounted to $2,470.935.317.

The PGCB also posted that its monthly slot machine revenue for December expressed a decrease of 6.17% compared to December 2015. Average daily slot revenue was 26,229 in December 2015 and only 26,074 for December 2016.

$1,259,648,414 was the total tax revenues generated from all slot machine activities in the state. A big portion of the tax collected is used to fund the economic development projects and is used for property tax deductions for homeowners in the state.


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