Pennsylvania’s Efforts to Legalize Online Gambling

Pennsylvania’s Efforts to Legalize Online Gambling

A Bit of Good News for Pennsylvania as Pennsylvania Supreme Court Orders Senate to Obey Judicial Ruling

Anxiety or the disinterest with the Pennsylvania Senate of letting the current legislative to elapse without addressing the gambling bill is lessoning with some news that was recently reported. There has been a bit of good news regarding the current legislative with the Senate possibly having to call an extended sitting to obey the current judicial ruling. This is great news for the omnibus gambling bill.

The ruling that is being questioned isn’t remotely close to association of the gambling bill, but is an order by the Supreme Court pertaining to the 2004 tax proposal that is unconstitutional. The Pennsylvania Supreme Court ordered the Senate to figure out the issues and they only have 120 days to do so.

What this means is that if the Senate fails to comply with the few days that are remaining of the current legislative they might have to recall for an unexpected sitting before the end of January so that they can comply with the current judicial ruling. This means that the gambling bill could be finalized if the new sitting is called upon.

Nothing has been finalized and this theory is a bit of speculation so to speak, but industry spectators’ hopes are raising with the different possibilities that are outlining from the continued Senate saga.


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