People Turning To Gambling To Relieve Economic Stress


As the United States government crumbles, more and more people are turning to one particular industry to relieve stress, The gambling industry may be the beneficiaries of the tough economy.

It is not that casino are making a killing these days. They are, however, providing the emotional relief that so many Americans are currently looking for.

While person after person are losing their jobs, the casinos are still there for support. It is not necessarily the case that people are going to the casinos to lose whatever money they have left. It is actually quite the opposite.

While the American government is busy gambling many families’ future by their insistence on spending frivolously, many people have remained calm. They have turned to leisure gambling to get away from the stresses the government has brought upon them.

For poker players, online relief may soon be coming as well. Representative Barney Frank finally succeeded in getting a Bill passed in the House Financial Services Committee that will put an end to the gray area of online poker playing. If approved, poker players would once again be free to enjoy their free time playing poker online without threat of government intervention.

While the economy continues to fall apart, gambling continues on, and that is a good thing for many Americans.


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