PGCB Reminds Players of the Value of Online Complaints Forms

PGCB Reminds Players of the Value of Online Complaints Forms

Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board Reminds of the Availability of Online Complaint Forms

These forms allow for consumers to file disputes and complaints if need be for both online and land-based gaming.

The Gaming Control Board has been put in charge by the Pennsylvania Race Horse Development and Gaming Act to handle all duties concerning the complaints, investigation and disputes. The PGCB stressed that a complaint if very different from an opinion and wanted to clarify the two. A dispute is a claim of validity that involves money or other items of monetary value. If players have a valid dispute or complaint with a licensed operator in the state, the Board will handle it accordingly and investigate. If the Board finds a criminal act has been conducted the case will be handed over to the Pennsylvania State Police for further investigation.

The Board also stressed that players are urged to file their dispute or complaint with the operator first. They said this is a very important step to make sure the Board has a generated number that has been assigned to each licensed operator. Players only have 30 days to file any said dispute from the time the incident occurred, or their claim will be deemed invalid.


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