Pink Casino Welcomes Slingo Games

Pink Casino Welcomes Slingo Games

Land-based and online casinos have distinct features that make you realize their advantages and disadvantages. It can be difficult for players when deciding if they’ll just have to go to the nearby casino or search for reputable online casinos. Despite their differences preferences of players mainly depends on their needs and what they’re looking for.

Online casinos have perks that land-based casinos don’t have. It’s suitable for people who are always on the go and yet still want to play some casino games.  A lot of people have tried online casinos due to a unique gambling experience of playing from the comfort of their homes. There are a lot of reputable online casinos that you can find online. For example, Pink Casino offers several games that players can enjoy, ranging from slot games, bingo and tables games. It recently added 10 Slingo Games that players could enjoy

Slingo Games is a combination of bingo and slot machines and are designed to look like a bingo card. Unlike traditional slot games, all you have to is to spin the reels and hope a number on your bingo card appears. Here are the top reasons why you should consider playing Slingo games at Pink Casino.

  1. Ease of Gameplay

Slingo games are not only interesting, but they are also really easy to play. You don’t need to be an expert player to figure out how to play these games.  The first thing to do when you play Slingo at Pink Casino is to set your stake. This is the amount you would like to spend per round of gameplay. You can set this amount to suit your budget as there are no fixed prices.

Once you have set your stake, you can start playing by pressing the Start Game button to start your 11 spins. You’ll see randomly generated five numbers, and if there are any matches in these numbers, it will be automatically marked off. Similar to bingo, the aim is to fill up several lines to win big payouts.

In Slingo Bingo, wilds work differently than it is in slots. For example, if these land in the row below, then the column where it’s located will be highlighted and it will enable players to pick any numbers that they can mark off.

Players can get bonuses as they play, and these come in the form of free spins. Free spins allow players to play additional rounds, and it increases the chances of winning bigger payouts. Moreover, there are specific rules you have to follow to be able to enjoy the benefits of these bonuses. Therefore, it’s essential to read the rules and the requirements of a particular game before starting.

  1. Secured Payouts

A lot of people are skeptical with online casinos due to a prejudice that it’s a scam. Some people complained about being mistreated or their funds being stolen. Thankfully, there is a blacklist consisting of fraudulent online casinos that people can avoid.

With Pink Casino, players can request a withdrawal of their payouts by clicking on the “Withdrawals” in their account. It’s important to take note that Pink Casino doesn’t allow players to withdraw bonuses. On the other hand, if a player wants to withdraw less than £10, they have to contact customer support through email or their live chat as they will be the ones who will process the withdrawals.

  1. Variety

Slingo games come in different varieties to make the gambling experience for players exciting, and each game is tailored to fit the needs of players. Popular games such as Rainbow Riches, Centurion, Fortune, Deal or No Deal and Monopoly had a Slingo makeover.

For example, Centurion slot has a roman makeover to fit a theme that depicts a roman battle while playing the game. Another example is the Monopoly Slingo which also comes with a variety of options such as the Monopoly Live and the Monopoly Megaways.

  1. Mobile Compatibility

Pink Casino has a mobile-friendly app available for Apple and Android users. This can be beneficial for people who are always on their phone and are on the go. Pink Casino’s mobile app enables players to play almost all games through their mobile app. Slingo had also optimized their games for mobile devices; this makes it possible for players to play using either their phone or their tablet in the comfort of their home or wherever they are.


Pink Casino welcomed the combination of both slot and bingo games because of the many benefits it offers Pink players. These benefits include a variety of option, in-game preferences, and the ease of playing games through its mobile app. With the recent Slingo Games addition expect that there will be more exciting games in the future!


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