Playtech Rolls Out Three New Live Casino Games

Playtech Rolls Out Three New Live Casino Games

Triple launch for Playtech Live Casino, American Roulette, Hi-Lo and Spread-Bet Roulette three new and updated Live Casino games.

Playtech is excited to roll out three brand-new Live Casino games this week. Playtech has been busy with getting things ready with each game to be able to offer more versatile options for its live casino offerings. All three games are guaranteed to create and deliver a premium live casino experience.

Hi-Lo Club is the first game with the game receiving a total makeover compared to other versions. The new game has improved UX, 80s Miami theme with neon detailing, is more fast paced to keep up with the novice of players and is designed with a new tabletop table that makes for easy game play.

American Roulette is the second new game and is considered a high-end version of your traditional roulette game. American Roulette is based out of the Grand Royale room and was designed to deliver the best gaming experience imaginable.

Spread-Bet Roulette is the third game that is adding a twist on the traditional roulette game. This version offers a side-bet option, RNG and regular spin a wheel bonus and the option to win up to 400x your wager.

All three games are a testament of what and who Playtech is. The demand for experience focused games is higher than ever and Playtech is making sure that a more immersive and exciting gaming experience is had with the Live Casino sector.


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