888Poker Announces its Biggest Makeover in Years

888Poker Announces its Biggest Makeover in Years

888Poker announced one of its biggest makeovers in recent years in an  attempt to draw in new customers.

Some say it’s a desperate attempt to attract new players, but 888 is saying they were overdue for an overhaul. 888 said they were introducing a brand-new poker product and is supposed to be the “biggest product overhaul in 6 or 7 years”.

Poker 8 is the name of the new poker client. It’s been said that it when it launches it will launch on a phased rollout basis meaning it will completely launch in several steps, not all at once. 888 has seen dramatic revenue drops for the first half of the year and are blaming those drops on exiting the Australian market. For the first six months 888Poker earned $30.6 million, a dramatic decrease of 28%. It’s been said that this is the worse performance the operator has seen since 2010. According to some industry reports, 888Poker is in the top ten for the most popular online poker site.

A representative for the company said, “Poker remains a very important acquisition tool and the flow of poker players also playing casino and sport continued to be an important element of the business.”


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