Amendments to California’s SB 1463 Internet Gambling Bill

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Steinberg and Wright’s SB 1463 Bill for the state of California was created to establish a framework to authorize intrastate Internet gambling.

The bill would authorize eligible entities to apply to the commission for a 5-year license to operate an intrastate Internet gambling Web site offering the play of authorized gambling games to registered players within California.

The  bill however would prohibit the offer or play of any gambling game provided over the Internet that is not authorized by the state pursuant to this bill. The bill would provide that any violation of its provisions is punishable as a misdemeanor. By creating a new crime, this bill would impose a state-mandated local program.

Internet gambling legislation in California, the largest prospective online gaming market in America, has been significantly amended ahead of a Senate committee hearing on the measure next Tuesday.

Amendments to the bill ask that authorized entities now apply to the commission instead of the department and there will no longer be a 10 year license but instead a 5 year license to to operate an intrastate internet gambling website with authorized games to registered players within the state.

The bill changes also reflect that instead of the commission the department will be addressed and fees instead of deposits will be made which was once a nonrefundable requirement is still set to the amount of $30,000,000.

Also, the bill would also require the Bureau of State Audits, at least 4 years instead of the previously stated 2 years, after the issue date of any license by the state, but no later than 5 years, instead of 3, after that date, to issue a report to the Legislature detailing the implementation of this bill, as specified.

With numerous other significant changes, The bill, which faces a Senate committee hearing on 12 June, also included amendments regarding Indian tribes within California stating, “Nothing in this chapter prohibits any federally recognized Indian tribe within California with a tribal-state gaming  compact with the state pursuant to IGRA from participating in intrastate Internet gambling pursuant to these provisions subject to the jurisdiction of the state.”

The bill continues in length to clarify “that only poker shall be offered for play on an intrastate Internet gambling Web site pursuant to this chapter.  (b) Only games approved by the department for play on an intrastate Internet gambling Web site shall be offered for play on an intrastate Internet gambling Web site pursuant to this chapter.”

Visit the link to read a full revision of the bill which includes proposed additions to law and/or the previous version of the bill.

Reported by Maggie B.



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