PokerStars Appoints New Executive Tournament Director

PokerStars Appoints New Executive Tournament Director

PokerStars Gets New Executive Tournament Director

PokerStars appointed a brand-new Executive Tournament Director for its PokerStars Live division. Danny McDonagh is the appointee that will oversee the division with focusing on flagship events and making his first appearance at the European Poker Tour.

McDonagh has been with PokerStars since 2007. He first joined as the Asian Pacific Poker Tour Tournament Director and spent more than nine years building the event. After the first nine years he went on to serve as the Director of Live Operations-Asia Pacific, and then the President of the APPT and the Commissioner of the Australia New Zealand Poker Tour.

“The new role will be as Executive Tournament Director for PokerStars. There are some obvious duties involved such as overseeing Tournament Rules and Regulations, reviewing schedules and structures. I will also be a point of reference for our players to have a voice about our events, whether chatting to me in person at events or connecting to me via social media. And another important aspect will be the ongoing review of PokerStars’ live poker offerings and being part of the team effecting exciting changes and innovations to our events,”

said PokerStars Executive Tournament Director Danny McDonagh.


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