PokerStars Attempts New World Beater In Online Poker

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holds the current world record for the largest ever number of players in the same poker tournament online simultaneously. They have never been a brand to rest on their laurels, so, they’re putting their money where their mouth is again and attempting to beat their own record. The chips will go down at 5:30 pm on Sunday the 4th December, 2011; when once again their third Guinness World Record breaker takes place.

The last time this site made the record attempt they had 149,196 players buy in. This time they obviously need to beat this number, and irrespective of whether they beat their own record or not; the winner in this event will also take home a guaranteed prize of $50 000. There is a total of $250 000 guaranteed prizes to be shared with a buy in of only $1 in 5 minute blinds. There are additional bonuses of $10 available for any online poker player who knocks a team PokerStars player out of the tournament. If you join in the fun and games, let’s hope you don’t have to come up against “Isildur1”?!

This event just goes to show, that although this site is out of the US online poker marketplace, they may be down on members, but are certainly a long way from beaten. After the Black Friday crisis on the 15th April 2011, they picked up the pieces and carried on, like the true professionals they are.

This third attempt at the record will be both overseen and confirmed by Guinness World Records, and hopefully once again listed in their renowned list of ‘world bests’. Registration for the tournament is already open; there is no registration fee, and if you want to be part of world-record-breaking poker, you can. It’s as simple as registering as a pay for play member at this superb online poker site.

Written by Neha A.


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