& “Bots” Inseparable?

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Once again, the highly popular poker site has been suspected and accused of using “robot” players [known as bots] to cheat and beat online poker players of millions of dollars. Most online poker sites are free of this type of cheating and those that have been accused of having “bots” at their tables were unaware of the event. Bots are in fact computer-generated players that a “hacker” type member has created through their pc and set up accounts with at the popular online poker room. This is not the first time Poker Stars has been invaded by robot players but each time it has been fast to respond to the accusation and if founded as true, has taken care of the problem immediately with a public statement about the issue and the resolution.

Ten accounts are in question and their total rake has been $186,000 with a profit of $57,839 being collected. The purpose of “bots” is to make faster decisions that their human counterparts thus giving them an advantage when it comes to stats and calculation resulting in a better winning advantage of human players. The player who reported the suspicion of robot use is quite smart and was able to spot the difference in game play and the bets being wagered that do not normally occur when real players are sitting at the tables.

Pokerstars has reportedly shut down the illegal accounts and have frozen all monies associated with and in these accounts. This type of advertisement is not good for the highly popular and lucrative poker room and with tighter security; they can hopefully rise above this latest scandal and stay on top of the online poker world.


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