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With Federal legalization in the US looking further away from internet gaming sites, one of the top rated and most popular online poker sites has set its sights on Nevada as the main course on their US internet menu! has decided to fight legalizing online poker in the US state by state starting with the gambling capital of the world, Las Vegas!

Ground work has been laid out already for PokerStars and other online poker sites to join in the fight to legalize online poker in Nevada but efforts have been foiled and stalled by some of the big casino giants that operate land based casino in the state namely MGM Resorts and Caesars Entertainment who already have their own online poker and casino sites available overseas now.

Some of the reasons why these giant casino operators do not want legalization of online poker in their backyard is because these casino operators in Vegas would rather have federal legalization that allows ONLY their brand of casinos to operate online gambling sites to US players, to cut it short, “they don’t want to share”. However a former Nevada gaming regulator named Randall Sayre who is now a PokerStars consultant says it is shortsighted for Nevada to be over protective of their industry when a golden opportunity to become corporate headquarters for internet poker and gambling operations in the US is knocking on the door. He feels that if the opportunity is at hand, they should grab it so they aren’t left out in the cold once online gaming does become legal and hundreds of gaming sites become licensed in the US and become mainstream competition.

By Patricia C. Senior Editor


  1. Well well well…what a satistying experience knowing that Pokerstars has been suspended by the FBI. This gives me great pleasure. I was a fantastic player for the first 6 months then I started losing for the next 3 years. There excuse was that their system was fair and that 3 independent watchdogs endursed the mathematical algorythms. What a load of balone. Anyway, will we be entitled to a class action to recover all the money they stole from us? Food for thought when you consider the US district attorney are seeking 3 billion in compensation. $2000 of that is mine.

  2. it figures as soon as you find a place where you can sit and relax and play a game of cards without having to travel to casino leave it to our government to find a problem this is just another freedom we lose weather you play with real money or not this is just plain B.S. so now what?


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