Problem Gambling in Ireland Hits an All-Time High

Problem Gambling in Ireland Hits an All-Time High

According to the Health Service Executive, the number of people who was treated for problem gambling in 2018 was 257.

The Health Service Executive is the regulatory body in Ireland that is responsible for the provision of health and personal services. The total number of recorded treatments is the highest recorded since the regulatory body started recording the stats back in 2011. The reported figure represents a 17.4% increase compared to 2017.

The total number of cases treated and reported in 2011 was 181. This number is the lowest record so far throughout the years. The National Planning Specialist Joseph Doyle is still in the process of finalizing the final figures for 2018 in connection with a parliamentary question that was put together by Sinn Fein Louise O’Reilly. Reporting problem gambling treatment is optional, but is encouraged to help the representation of treatment, and continued support.

It was also reported that for the first four months of 2019 there were 82 cases treated and assessed. With the assessments, it was confirmed that gambling was the main issue. With there being more than 80 cases so far this year, Doyle said this year could be either slightly below 2018’s figures or could surpass.


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