Prophet Launches Customer Friendly Cashout Marketplace

Prophet Launches Customer Friendly Cashout Marketplace

Prophet Launches an Industry First with its Customer Friendly Cashout Marketplace

Prophet, Innovative technology company launches a new customer-friendly cashout marketplace. The industry-first finally puts the outcome of wagers into the hands of consumers with a unique concept that allows bettors to benefit from favorable cashout rates that aren’t set or controlled by bookmakers through the marketplace for sporting bets.

Prophet will operate as an exchange that can sell certain bets to potential buyers that will see an outcome of a boosted cashout rate up to 50%. Buyers on the other side of the platform will benefit from the results on average of a 10-20% higher odds.

Prophet is hoping the new marketplace will appeal to both the veteran and rookie bettor with all sporting markets in mind; American football, tennis, rugby and cricket, just to name a few. Prophet said they are adding more sporting markets in the coming months, as they become popular in the market.

Two American entrepreneurs, Jake Benzaquen and Dean Sisun are the two brains behind the new marketplace. They launched the product with a UK license and are extremely excited about the launch believing it will be a big game changer for sports bettors.


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