Reactions & Developments from Online Poker’s Black Friday

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It’s been two days since the events of Online Poker’s Black Friday and new stunning announcements and reactions are pouring into news rooms country wide. Let’s start with a very serious development coming out of the state of Nevada. It is being reported by the Las Vegas Review Journal that State Senator Greg Brower has serious questions about Poker Stars alleged involvement in the 2010 campaign contributions and their legality. Poker Stars donated $272 thousand to 68 different political candidates in 2010’s mid term elections while they were illegally offering online poker to US residents. Browser’s feelings on this is outrage over the fact that Poker Stars was able to play such a huge role in our political campaigns during which the entire time they were being labeled criminals by federal and state authorities. He has now determined that an investigation into Poker Stars activities in Nevada is warranted.

ABC News Analyst Dan Abrams spoke on Good Morning America on Friday morning [coincidentally?] to speak about online gambling reform and the new poker bill that is to be introduced to Congress on April 29th, 2011. Dan Abrams goes on to say that he believes regulated US online poker is inevitable, but with Fridays Federal seizures of the top three online poker companies and arrests will most definitely make it very hard to fight for legalization at this time.

In Developing news for each of the seized domains, each site has changed their domains to either eu or which is registered out of the US territories. The Cereus Network sites that are included in this case like Absolute Poker and Ultimate Bet have decided [whether stupidly or bravely] to communicate to their US players that “all is well, no worries, registered players are still welcomed to play in their real money games”. Will US players take comfort in this invitation and continue to play at sites they now are being investigated by the US Feds?

Recently partnerships were being formed between Las Vegas Casino Operators and online poker companies like Poker Stars and Full Tilt, but now everything has changed in a matter of hours. Wynn Resorts which just a few days ago announced a partnership with Poker Stars has now ended that deal. Fertitta Interactive which runs the Station Casinos also announced a partnership with Full Tilt Poker just days ago and has now also ended that relationship and the relationship between their other major sports company MMA Strikeforce and individual fighters in the UFC have been pulled and ended. Full Tilt Poker’s big poker series “Onyx Cup” which was to start in early May in Vegas has been canceled and has pulled all advertisements for Poker Stars.

These are just a few reactions and developments coming out hourly as this unbelievably huge tsunami hit’s the online poker world. The impact this is going to have on US players and even players across the world is yet to be seen, but it doesn’t look very promising not to mention the outlook of legalizing online poker in the states federally. We will have to wait and see how this case pans out and who takes the fall and who spills the beans, pays the piper and walks away free. Stay Tuned.

By Patricia C. Senior Editor


  1. do you think they will fight online casino companies or they are just trying to make an example? i think the next couple of month will change the industry with more countries regulating poker, casino lottery and casual games.

  2. We need the help of all Poker players. There is now a facebook page that has been started to deal solely with this seriously impacting latest poker issue. It is to be the players voice where they will receive ALL available information and contribute their views. It is committed to firstly retrieving all monies owed and then the long term stability of the game. We care about the players not the owners of the sites or Government. Please support by joining the page and tell others. Once we get the numbers on the page we have ideas to share.


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