Real Money Casino Coming to GTA Online

Real Money Casino Coming to GTA Online

A real money casino in a video game is pretty much like your any other online live casino. And just like it has the same features, it also falls short on the development issues as well. The GTA Online real money casino that everybody was anticipating has been delayed once again.

Rockstar never directly said that a casino was coming to the multiplayer game, in fact, it was the players themselves that stirred the internet with rumours.

There was a specific place programmed inside the game, and it resembled a casino. For months it had the sign “coming soon”. That very same sign got removed not too long ago after a monthly patch that Rockstar Games does for GTA.

Once players saw the sign gone, the rumours started to become even more active. Some gamers were suggesting that the casino was already open and that it needed some finishing touches.

Rockstar has answered the rumours saying that, although the casino is coming to the game, it’s a little delayed, but they did mention a luxury casino being implemented in the next patch.

What games will there be?

Rockstar has not disclosed any information about the game they are going to offer, but we can look back in time and sort of see the picture.

In one of Rockstar’s previous iterations of the GTA franchise, more specifically, GTA: San Andreas, there was a luxury casino available with games like roulette and blackjack. Although it’s pretty much guaranteed that these games are going to be a feature in the modern version of the casino, gamers are more interested as to what other features the developer is planning to add.

Adding a slots mini-game would be relevant, but it needs to be somehow thematic, as slots are available on a whole slew of gambling websites.

Real Money?

It is highly unlikely that the payouts that players get will be withdrawable with fiat, but it’s pretty obvious that the in-game currency will take part in the feature. When it comes to topping off the balance, then yes, it is possible with fiat currencies.

Nevertheless, the feature will mostly take the shape of a virtual casino, that can be used with real money but does not pay with real money. Ridiculous as that may sound, there are plenty of players looking for this option to take their role-playing game to the next level.

Problems with regulators

What we need to understand is that Rockstar Games is a United States-based company, and should they introduce the real money casino, the will have to comply with the local rules.

Although the rules have started to lose their tight grip due to the increasing number of betting and gambling sites, video games have introduced a completely new genre of gambling, which will soon prompt the regulators to take a more hands-on approach.

In fact, several concerns have already been raised with the authorities after video game developers started including a whole new business model called microtransactions and “loot boxes”.

Having microtransactions is completely fine, but not giving the players what they’ve paid for, and in fact, making them “gamble” on their prize is really crossing the line in the eyes of some senators.

CS:GO cases have already taught the UK regulator a lesson and the GTA:Online casino could be the case for US regulators. Regardless of the outcome, we now know that Rockstar is in the process of developing the feature.

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