Regulation of Online Poker Looks Promising in 2017

Regulation of Online Poker Looks Promising in 2017

Online Poker Could Become a Reality in the State of New York by the End of the 2017

New York state assemblyman says regulation for online poker in the state could become more of a reality for players if everything goes well by the end of 2017. New York is moving at a progressive speed with its online poker regulations ever since legislation moved into the State’s Senate Chamber. The bill was passed back in June 2016 with a vote of 53-5 which was introduced by Senator John Bonacic, one of the strongest supporters of online poker legislation. The bill then continued on through to the Senate Gaming Committee, receiving a unanimous vote of 11-0 in February of this year.

The next stop for the proposed bill is the State Senate’s Finance Committee. J. Garty Pretlow, Chairman of the Committee on Racing and Wagering strongly believes that online poker activities will soon pass in the state. Pretlow also believes that regulations can be set into place to make online activities fair to residents in the state.

If there are any hang-ups of the bill passing in this last leg before becoming legalized; it will be from the Governor’s Office. Mario Cuomo hasn’t taken oppositions as of yet, but his administration is seeking their disapproval facts, so to speak, together to oppose online poker activities.


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