Rescuebet The First Online Betting Website With Weekly Losses Rebate


Online gambling has been growing in popularity in recent years due to changing regulations worldwide. More jurisdictions around the world are legitimizing the validity of income earned through online gambling. Millions of gamblers who previously never had access to conventional casinos and international sporting events can now bet on any event happening anywhere in the world in real-time.

With so many options to choose from, bettors are spoilt for choice when it comes to picking a betting website. The convenience of online gambling is where its mass appeal stems from. It takes just minutes to set up an account. But experienced gamblers understand that not all gaming providers are equally trustworthy or reliable. To secure your bankroll, it is advisable to research all top gaming gambling providers before selecting the best option.

Malaysia Leading Online Betting Website

Most world-class online betting website would have authentic payment and baking partners. With multiple deposit options to choose from depending on your level of comfort and the option to set a limit on spending, users need not worry about the security of their funds. RescueBet is a good example of a good betting website.

RescueBet provides its members with a premium gambling experience by partnering with the leading game hosts from some of the Asian top bookies and esports betting to live casino and slot games. Additionally, members also have access to several free games to familiarise themselves with the features and fundamentals of how they operate before they bet any real money. Another cool feature the betting website offers is the online web series on various topics of interest concerning the latest trends and news in online gambling and sporting events.

Beginners can chat with RescueBet ambassadors at any time through the in-chat option to clarify any queries while gaming. The high-end player interface allows players to engage with fellow RescueBet members and track their progress over the weeks through custom leaderboards and tables across various categories on the site. Members have the freedom to focus on just one category or to explore other parts of the site to discover alternate gaming options that might be of interest to you. By combining components of fun and entertainment with ample opportunities to make money at every turn, Rescuebet is sure to be the fix for all your gambling needs in one place.

Among RescueBet’s many offerings, the most popular attraction is the sport being section. Unlike other sports gambling facilitators that follow one sport, RescueBet features odds from multiple sports fields from around the world. The 24/7 broadcast of live odds and live scores of the most popular games in the world from golf, tennis, and horseracing to soccer and hockey.

Browse through the best odds for each game before making a bet. Each sports event generally features multiple prop bets which allow gamblers to win regardless of which team wins. With tips from experts and RescueBet’s dedicated team at your disposal, sports bettors are sure to see big profits as a result of the improved strategy.

RescueBetEsports Betting With Rescuebet

In recent years, buying and playing video games online, or esports as it is popularly referred to has seen an increase in the number of both bettors and gambling providers offering it. This could be attributed to the large technological innovations and development in the field of virtual gaming. Popular video games like League of Legends and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO), as well as the Fortnite World Cup tournaments, generate a huge amount of interest, following and revenue every year.

RescueBet allows its members a chance to benefit from the favorable odds of esports betting. At any point in the day, there are gaming tournaments taking place all over the world, and they collect, stream and archive this information under one roof to aid players in the betting process.

Rescuebet Casino Games

Another popular section of the site is the online casino. RescueBet broadcasts live tables of the most popular games from around the world in an authentic casino setting that you can access from the palm of your hand. RescueBet features the best baccarat, blackjack, roulette, and poker tables where members can play against real players and dealers for real money. For slot lovers, RescueBet hosts some popular online slot games to choose from at any point in the day.

Lucky members stand to win several free spins, which they can use to try their hand at winning the coveted RescueBet jackpot. If members wish to take a break from their regular gaming options, they can also kick back and enjoy the simplicity of their fishing games category.

Rescuebet Weekly Loss Rebates

RescueBet is the first gaming partner to offer weekly loss rebates to its members. The losses rebate applies to losses in sports betting, online casinos, and slot games. Every week, RescueBet uses a fixed formula to calculate the rebate value. As of now, 15% of Sports betting losses, 18% live casino losses as well 13% of slot game losses are credited back to the user’s account after a losing week.

The amount is routinely deposited in the member’s RescueBet wallet until he is ready to transfer it. There is a 10x wagering amount that members need to satisfy before earning their rebates, which gives users the confidence to place bigger bets and chase bigger cash-outs in the future.

Bonuses & Promotions

New RescueBet members are treated with a welcome bonus of MYR250 to kickstart their betting careers. Beginners can also access additional tools on the site, such as blog posts and video web series. These materials are designed to help them through the process of

  • Setting up their accounts,
  • Selecting their game of choice, and
  • Navigating odds and trends in their respective fields of interest.

With seasonal offerings and promotions up for grabs, members are sure to see real value for their money. Members also have the chance to win a bonus by referring another member to RescueBet. This promotion of RescueBet credits 10% of the amount deposited by a referred member if that deposited amount is between MYR150 to MYR1000. These rebate programs are aimed at reducing the strain of a loss on members so that they can place wagers more efficiently and comfortably. Visit RescueBet’s website from any mobile platform to get access to the limitless possibilities of online gambling today.

G. Arthur is part of our editorial staff and writes about the latest online gambling industry news and related articles from around the globe.


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