Resorts Casino, Golden Nugget in Casino Games Library Competition

Resorts Casino, Golden Nugget in Casino Games Library Competition

New Jersey Gold Nugget Casino Loses the Biggest Online Games Library Title to Resorts Casino

Golden Nugget online casino in New Jersey held the title of the biggest online games portfolio forever, but has recently lost it. The title now belongs to the Resorts Casino. Resorts recently added a large quantity of new games bringing their total slot count to 366 a small but large enough quantity to surpass Golden Nugget’s offer of 360 total games.

The question being asked is, “will the losing of the title have any effect on the operator’s revenue and being one of the top providers in the state?” The answer to this is an emphatic NO since the Golden Nugget position as a top leader with the online market is not being overtaken any time soon.

Resorts Casino and Golden Nugget are in the same category if you compare online and land-based revenues. Golden Nugget has seen an increased year-on-year with revenues amounting to 9.6% more than the previous year and Resorts earned 8.6% more. Golden Nugget is stronger of the two though with its $18.3 million in yearly revenues compared to $12.4 million for Resorts.

Although both respective revenues are quite different, both fall under the same tier of services in the state. Even with Resorts outweighing Golden Nuggets game libraries, we hardly believe six more titles could surmount to much competition.


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