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If you are from Brazil and like to play online casinos, this name is probably familiar to you. Robert Sousa is responsible for some of the most popular casino websites in Brazil and is his latest project. The idea behind this project is to create a website that comprehensively compares websites that offer their service in this country.

Let’s not forget that we are talking about one of the biggest countries in the world and the market that grows rapidly, even though it is still in a grey zone. The number of online casinos that accept Brazilian players measures in hundreds and with such a huge offer, it’s hard to make a clear picture about each one’s offer and separate good from the better ones. Therefore, comes with the ambition to become the most trusted online casino comparison website in Brazil.

Everything Does

The team is big and includes a decent number of experts and experienced players. All of them are there with the same task, to make a detailed analysis of various aspects of online casino websites and compare them through different categories.

As there is no casino legislation in Brazil and gamblers play at abroad websites, the main focus is safety. Simply, when you don’t have legal protection, you have to be very careful when choosing an online casino. So, this website evaluates different aspects, such as management of players’ personal details, credit card information and transaction history. Furthermore, the website also provides a complete guide on how to pick a safe casino.

Of course, this isn’t the only area that’s covered on the website. Online casinos are evaluated and compared from different points of view and even the website sections are divided, depending on which aspect of online gambling you want to compare.

Site Comparison

The first section makes overall comparisons of casino websites. There, you can find necessary information about different things, starting from personal and financial information management, as we already mentioned. Furthermore, the comparison includes aspects like regulatory commitments, starting from RTP transparency, display of bonus conditions etc.

Besides general comparison, this section also includes a complete guide on how to choose an online casino. Pretty much every aspect is covered, starting from the most basic things, such as games offer, payment methods, bonuses and promotions, safety etc. Also, the author puts a lot of attention to reputation and feedback from other players, which is definitely one of the best ways to learn more from the first hand.

Casino Bonus Section

The team that’s behind this website even conducted a survey with a pretty interesting question. More than 300 citizens were asked what are they looking for in an online casino. Most of them answered the question in the same way and it’s a clear conclusion that their main expectation is a large welcome bonus. That’s why Sousa decided to create a separate bonus section.

This section compared online casinos regarding bonus offers. Various aspects of the offers are evaluated. It’s not just about bonus size, but also about things like wagering requirements, deadlines, limits, game variety, payment methods etc.

Once again, there is a complete guide that can help players to choose the best bonus offer. This guide elaborates various aspects of casino bonuses, starting from different types of bonuses, wagering requirements and other terms and conditions, tips on how to make money with these bonuses etc.

Casino Games Section

This is where you can find out everything you need about different online casino games. This section offers a brief elaboration of every online casino game type you can find. The guide is divided into several sections, one for each game type. Each game is elaborated in a way that you can find out basic rules and learn about variations. Also, the author talks about the most popular titles.

Of course, it all starts with slot games, considering that this is the most popular choice among Brazilian players. The guide continues with Blackjack and Roulette headings and poker games. Besides these quite typical online casino games, the guide also covers games like Bingo, scratch cards, lottery games etc.

In this section, you can also find out a lot of things about live casino games and also learn about some of the highest reputable game providers. Benefits

It’s not hard to conclude that is an affiliate website. However, that doesn’t mean anything bad. The activity starts and ends with directing the player to a certain online casino website. The website offers an objective comparison between online casinos, while you can also benefit from Cassinopedro’s directing. For example, you can earn additional welcome bonuses. Furthermore, if you aren’t satisfied with the recommended online casino, you can return up to 20% of your initial deposit.


Brazilian players will certainly benefit from Considering that the offer of online casinos that accept players from this country is pretty big, this website will definitely serve well as a time-saving tool for all those who are looking for a trusted casino, that isn’t just safe, but also offers a great experience. Furthermore, this website can provide additional bonuses and even secure a small portion of cashback for players who are unsatisfied with the recommendation. All in all, is definitely a place online casino players should visit.

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