Senator Jay Costa Set to Present Gambling Legalization

Senator Jay Costa Set to Present Gambling Legalization

Pennsylvania Lawmakers Say March Will is Set for the Date When Online Gambling Will Become Legalized

Pennsylvania lawmakers are saying March will be the month when the state could receive legalization for online gambling. Last year the state was close, real close, to getting the legalization needed for two online gambling bills, but was cut short before year end. The omnibus bill passed twice through the House with projected gambling revenues included in the budget plan, but the expansion just wasn’t there.

It was a big disappointment for the state as a whole, but soon everything will be all set to go with Pennsylvania players playing their favorite casino style game online. Senator Mario Scavello, which is also the Chairman of the Senate Community, Economic and Recreational Development Committee, said that “Sometime in March, we’ll have something done and passed in the House and Senate. It looks like online gaming has the support to pass. We can look at other expansions.”

Senator Jay Costa is due to present his bill real soon. Costa said,

“I think it’s a natural progression of gaming in Pennsylvania, the next logical step. To some degree, both [online gaming and DFS] are already present, particularly fantasy sports. What we’re doing is regulating it. I think the people of Pennsylvania believe this is something that’s appropriate right now.”


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